Welcome To US Tent Pegging Association

US TENT PEGGING ASSOCIATION is a 'not for profit' organization registered in the state of New York and is the National Governing Body for the sport of tent pegging in USA.

It is the premier sports body dedicated solely for the promotion and development of the equestrian sport of tent pegging across USA. Among many FIRSTs, USTPA has the honor of being the FIRST founding equine sports body for tent pegging in USA and the FIRST to represent USA on the international front and the FIRST to wave the US flag in tent pegging overseas and win the FIRST Silver Medal for USA in an International Competition.

USTPA has the oldest registered trademark entitled to promote tent pegging in USA and abroad. USTPA is for taking USA on fast gallop in tent pegging with pegs in the cross hairs. USTPA has what it takes for team USA to play international championships. Welcome to USTPA!

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